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Strategy & Consultation
We’ve consulted some of the biggest brands of India to solve their pain problem in online marketing, From analyzing your current marketing model to funnel development our team of experts is always available at your service. From small to midsize, from startup to corporates, Lead Factory has been successful in solving your complex business challenges in finding the right marketing channel. Talk to our Consultant now and get FREE advice to frame your digital marketing strategy in minutes
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Performance Marketing
Need help in leveraging Google & Facebook Ads? Connect us today to find how can we help you scale your paid media efforts to the next level. With lots of ads coming out these days, the Ads platforms have stringent their Ad publishing process to maintain the UX of their ecosystem. Since our founder is an integral part of Facebook and other famous digital institution, we have access to a lot of insights which others might not have. Our Google & Facebook experts will help you define the right goal of your media campaign with a clear focus on ROI.
Inbound Marketing
With a stunning amount of people failing in reaching an audience through cold calling, digital ads, email blast, etc. marketers are now planning to move towards the productive way of earning, the customer. SEO & Inbound 
Marketing is the most effective ways of creating a gateway drug to pull the customer in your funnel. Content is the king; the very famous line proves here right because the more value you create without selling anything, the more brand trust will be achieved. We have a team of certified inbound marketing experts who have been successful in achieving the toughest marketing goals of our customers.
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Social & Influencer Marketing
If you want to be a customer loyal brand than social media is THE thing. One of the biggest mistakes which brands do is they create social media page but are not active 24/7 to engage with their customers. We will help you set up the marketing-driven plan on various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Medium, etc. including some of the micro-influencers available across social platforms. Much like SEO, we believe social media, if powered with the quality content can boost your marketing goal with required ROI.
24/7 Live Chat Management 
Lakhs of rupees invested in bringing 1000’s of users to a web page but only 2% to 5% convert. Almost as high as 35% of users simply drop out because they didn’t find the right info to feel the comfort to share their contact details. Companies generate a huge amount of traffic but there is no one on the website to fence that potential traffic. Stats show that more than 70% traffic comes on the website from 6 am to 11 am and 7 pm to 2 am during which most of those sites don’t have anyone. With Lead Factory live chat solution you can drive leads not just from Ad landing pages but across the site to serve all visitors request. Talk to our expert to learn more about our live chat solution.
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